saint-saëns boy

5:34 P.M. 2023-10-09

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist updating this website,,,, There's so many things I have to do, but I suddenly feel like browing random websites. I'll update it more as the week goes on :")

1:25 P.M. 2023-03-04


7:11 P.M. 2022-12-16

Changing more stuff concerning the colours of the website. Added lots of placeholders lmao.

3:33 A.M. 2022-12-16

Finally the day after my last exam. I am updating my old website design for something i like a lot. listening to breakcore late at night feels surreal and for some reason very comforting.

Me And My Friends

WHLN = me

""May your journey be filled with purpose and your path be lined with joy." - ChatGPT


How to explode a hospital to obtain bitches and rescue blobfish Join the Froggy Chair Council (exclusive VIP priviledges)

my stupid life

Biography of an Engineer learn a little bit about me!

fun music things

My Favourite Albums

A list of youtube channels to find hidden gems Surprise (not a rickroll)

secrets to share

i just realised i should make this a nav category because there are links fr tru that W L i am a bread

it's so weird

how invested i am in making this website just by adding a few images and changing a few things


What a scary season indeed. Lab reports are due, exams are looming, there's no break in sight, life events are happening.

It's halloween now so I'm gonna update this website soon...

Welcome to the homeland of Chaddy Boy. Feel free to explore, I'm not smart enough to plant any viruses on your computer (as evidenced by my lazy ass CSS design). ALWAYS REMEMBER TO: KYS (keep yourself safe). I formed a band kind of! But we're all drowning in work anyway.

About KinCamilleChaddyBoi There's another section oops

General Almost not undiagnosed, world's dumbest nerd, started a band
Music CITYPOP 4E. Currently listening to: metal, soul, video game OSTs.
Games Tetris pro gamer, typing tests, ACNH, beat games, smash bros, mario kart, kirby, stardew valley (PC gaming is expensive)
Dislikes My household
Heroes Mr. Worldwiiide (Pitbull)

This dumbass has 32437483297432432984234 friends.



Eggs McCucumber




i want to see the x-scroll so please let me see it god damn it sir like what the hell is this please stretch

I've decided to keep this here for the lols.

About Me

once upon a time, a man by the name of camille saint saens came into existence. now, i won't specify which one i'm talking about, so have fun

Hobbies Worldbuilding, website-making, learning science engineering, H A M (radio), languages, making things, drawing
Dick Size It reaches the floor
Height 5"13
MBTI INTP apparently
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality You
Movies Everything Everywhere All at Once, Kiki's Delivery Service, Akira, Lilo and Stitch, Spider-Man: Into + Across the Spider-Verse, Interstellar
Television One Piece, Community, ATLA, Gravity Falls, Dorohedoro, Infinity Train, Great Pretender, Itaewon Class, Dr. Stone, Blue Period
Comics Solo Levelling, V-Hit, Semantic Error, Yotsubato, High Score Girl
Instruments Guitar, piano, clarinet, trumpet.
Location Car-Infested Suburbs, Canada
Status Became the master of holding hands ;)
Mood Fuck it we ball, sad
Smoke/Drink Maybe once/Yes
Ethnicity Indian
Children Maybe a dog child, if I had to I'd adopt one and raise the tiny motherfucker to be a prodigy like their daddy always wanted to be [cries in being an average engineer]
Education Engineering
Occupation Jobs

are we really on a floating rotating rock?